[LH3239] Beta 17 - Editing page does not take up full editing window

I prefer to edit in page view, and have only recently become aware that some people prefer not-to. However the new beta seems to have lost the memory of how I prefer to have my screen set up, and whenever I open scrivener it opens to the last document I had open (good) but with a whole heap of white space on both sides of the stuff I’m editing (see following).

It took me a while to discover the View / Text Editing / Page View command but while I was trying to recover my preferred screen I discovered that if I opened the Character Sketch / Template sheet page it opens it in Page View (see following) And if I then re-click on the page I’d previously open it opens in Page View (see last picture). This seems weird to say the least. So two problems

  • its not opening in Page View
  • the workaround shouldn’t be possible (and here I’m thinking of those poor people who don’t like Page View and get thrown into it when they open the Character Sketch)

This has been filed. Thanks!

The extra white screen margin was indeed added by design to match the page color, as we do under Mac. In the next version there will be a color setting to adjust the left/right margins color. This is the same issue reported here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh1781-page-layout-document-view-is-broken-see-images/45569/1