[LH3250] Where are "favorites" coming from in the Windows beta?

I’m currently using the 3.0 beta. I’ve noticed when I use the menu to link to a document (right-click > Link to Document), the contextual menu shows 3 sections: “New Link”, “Favorites”, and then all my top-level binder folders.

The Favorites section contains Trash and and two other folders in my project.

What I can’t figure out is where this is coming from. How did these particular folders get designated as favorites? How can I CHANGE this list to folders that…actually ARE what I would consider favorites (as this seems very useful for documents I link to frequently)? I tried the cool new Help > Search Menubar command and searched for “favorites” and the only thing it found was the Edit > Link to Document > Favorites command.

This project was created from scratch with the beta and has never sync’d with iOS or anything like that.

Version I’m using (from Help > About): Version: Beta (331056) 64-bit - 28 Sep 2018

(Somewhat new to the Windows version – have owned the Mac version for years and use that at home; now considering finding ways to use the Win version for work on my Win laptop)

That is indeed a handy feature, once harnessed! All of these menus that let you select from the entire binder will have a convenience list at the top like this. What goes into that list are your Project Bookmarks. You can right-click on items directly in the binder to set whether they are bookmarked, or even bookmark a chunk of text you’re working on in the editor, from the Documents menu.

But the easiest way to manage the bookmark list is to click the red Bookmark icon in the toolbar. Drag stuff into it to add them, and use the button at the bottom to remove them.

Project Bookmarks (and Document Bookmarks—each item in the binder can have its own list) are also accessible from the Inspector, with (you guessed it) the bookmarks tab. Same management powers are available here, but the main reason to use the inspector is for that sidebar preview. It makes this feature similar to old “Project Notes” feature in Scrivener 2.

Thanks, I’m aware of project bookmarks and that was my first thought…However, in my case, the items I’m seeing in this “Favorites” section are NOT documents that I’ve put into project bookmarks at all. So perhaps this is a bug in the current Windows beta?

See screenshot – the Trash is NOT in my project bookmarks, and neither are the other two (blurred out) documents.


I do not have that at all. When I create a new link, the menu offered does not have “Favorites” in it. And searching the Menubar turns up nothing for “Favorite” – or “Fav” for that matter.

Nor does “favorites” show up if I put docs in Project Notes, or in Project Bookmarks.

Question: Does File Explorer show “Favorites,” and are those things in it? If so, there’s an answer.

However, if so, I’d consider this a bug. To some, it may be a “feature.” To me, it would be a bug, as in distraction, security issue, and why is Scriv grabbing and showing information I neither want nor need? And with whom else is it sharing it?

In fact, because you have these things showing and I don’t, it sounds like a bug anyway.

Yeah it doesn’t look like they are all wired up right to me. If you take a look at the Navigate ▸ Go To ▸ submenu, that looks like it is showing the right list. So they might still need to hook those other places up. I’ll check on that, looks like a bug to me as well.

rwfranz, I don’t quite follow your train of thought. The feature you’re referring to should, when working properly, merely list the binder items in the Project Bookmarks list. If you don’t put anything in there, then there will be no list. There is no “grabbing” or “sharing” information.

Just to clarify the larger point: Scrivener doesn’t share any information with anyone, not even itself. If you want to share your Scrivener data with another instance of Scrivener on another system, you have to explicitly configure a service like Dropbox.


In writing up a report for this bug, I’ve determined the source of the list and the cause for varying results:

  • The first clue is that it is called “Favorites”. This is old nomenclature that should now be “Bookmarks”.
  • That label is in fact used in one place: Documents ▸ Move To ▸ . Movement uses its own pinning system since the impetus for moving items is going to often be different from those behind bookmarking a thing. Instead it uses an algorithm based approach to keep frequently and recently used movement targets handy, which means it populates itself automatically.
  • So if you try using the Documents ▸ Move To ▸ Research command on a test file, then go back over to Edit ▸ Link to Document ▸ and Navigate ▸ Open Quick Reference ▸ , you’ll find the movement pin menu is populated this spot instead of the Bookmarks list.

Hence, if one has never manually moved an item with that “Move To” command, they will not have a “Favorites” list.

(Also note it is another bug that “Trash” is being listed in the Move To favourites list.)

Okay. Tried that, and it does indeed make a “favorites” list in the “Link To” list.
That’s annoying. Is there a way to turn off “Favorites”?

Not directly, just indirectly by not using Project Bookmarks (when it is working correctly of course).

I get a “Favorites” list in the “Move To” dialogue in the Binder, if I’ve ever moved a document ANYWHERE in the project.

I don’t use Project Bookmarks.

However, the “Favorites” list occupies 10 spaces on the list of places to “Move To.” Unless I’ve moved things to exactly 11 places in the project, in which case it occupies 11 spaces (that’s a bug, I think. Perhaps not, though).

I’d like to be able to limit Favorites to some number. 0-10 seems a likely range. Not having a user-defined limit on them is a design flaw (imho). I know someone is trying to save us time, but the “favorites list” costs me time; it saves me little if any. There may be times when I want to use that, ah… “feature.” To me, “favorites” is useless and in the way. So that’s a suggestion. Let us put a limit on the number of items it holds.

However, if this behavior will go away when Project Bookmarks is working properly, that’s great. But if this is intended? yech. Not a dealbreaker, but very annoying.

I’m still seeing this ‘favorites’ behavior in beta 25.

Is this a feature or a bug?

I read this thread through twice, but couldn’t tell either way from the L&L responses.


The “Favorites” list that appears for Edit > Link to Document and Navigate > Open Quick Reference is incorrect; it should be listing the top project bookmarks (as Navigate > Go To does) but is currently listing recent/frequently used destinations from moving binder items with the Move To command, a list which should only appear for that Move To menu item.

Jennifer, thanks for confirming. :smiley: