[LH3270] Clicking in an empty editor does not select it

If an editor is empty, and you click in the empty space, the editor is not selected:

  • Display two editors vertically
  • Set “binder selection affects current editor”
  • Display a file or folder in the left editor
  • Activate the right editor
  • Click on Draft, Research or Trash; that folder is selected in the right editor and the text area of the editor shows an icon for the folder, with the folder’s name
  • Click in left editor
  • Click in the empty space of the right editor; it isn’t activated
  • Click in the title bar of the right editor; it is activated

This means that if you have Draft, Research or Trash selected in the right editor, the only way to activate it is to click in the title bar. Perhaps there’s a technical reason this would be difficult to adjust, and it’s not a big deal, but it is inconsistent with what happens when you click in an editor that has content in it, which activates it when you click anywhere in the editor.

Since it’s not a frequent occurrence, and it’s not consistent with the usual behavior, I find myself clicking in the empty space to activate the right editor, then clicking in the binder on the file I want to see, then realizing the file was displayed in the left editor because the right editor never activated, then returning the left editor to the file that was there, then clicking on the title bar of the right editor to activate it, then clicking in the binder on the file I want to view in the right editor.Doesn’t happen often, but that’s a lot of wasted clicks!

What do you mean by ”activated”? Clixking in an editor window is not supposed to select anything in the binder, if that’swhat you mean. The binder is used ro decide what is shown in the editornut not the other way around.

Sorry for that confusion. What I mean by “activated” is that it’s now the “current” editor, so that whatever you click on in the binder will display in that editor. Clicking in the empty space of the folders I mentioned does not make that editor current.

Thanks. This has been filed.