[LH3272:FIXED] Beta 12: Wrong Synopsis card showing in Notes view

If you select a folder in the binder while in Scrivenings mode, the “Notes” inspector tab will show the synopsis card of the previously selected Binder folder rather than the current item.

Edited to reflect Bryan’s response below. This only seems to happen when selecting folders while in Scrivenings mode.

That doesn’t happen to me. As I move through the binder, my synopsis and notes change in perfect harmony with the changed binder items. I am looking at the Inspector panel to the right of the editor. I am using Beta 12, windows 10 - 1803.

This bug has been filed. It appears to affect folders when in Scrivenings mode.


Thanks for the comment – looks like it’s only in a specific circumstance, per Bryan’s reply. I’ve edited my post to reflect this.

Happening on my PC too, but only in Scrivenings mode.

Reproduced this.

At one point, it kept the same synopsis for several consecutive folders, instead of trailing my mouse clicks by one synopsis. Haven’t been able to reproduce that, though. It just happened once.

Just checked. Fixed in beta 13 :smiley: