[LH3272] Inspector not changing correctly with binder selection


I updated the to the latest beta today and have noticed a weird behavior.
I’ve attached a screenshot to make explaining this easier…

If I change between chapters (as seen on the screenshot)(item type: text) in the binder, the inspector on the right is still showing synopsis/comments of another item (e.g. showing chapter 2 stuff, even though I selected chapter 1 in binder)

However, the sub-items (blue items, also text type), are working normally and the inspector is showing the correct data.

A weird behavior :\ I didn’t notice it in 0.8.

I don’t see that behavior here. Odd.

I’ve opened another novel project, and it is the same problem (as you can see in the screenshot).

As it stands now, you have Manuscript > Part 1 > Chapter > Scene.
The issue seem to happen at the chapter level.

Sorry for the long delay. This has been filed.

The issue appears to be that switching between folders while in Scrivenings mode causes the Inspector to lag behind by one, showing the previous folder instead of the current one. For now you can get it to “catch up” by selecting a single document before selecting the new folder.

Thank you for catching this.