[LH3278] Not holding compile structure settings

One frustration I have, which may well be user-error rather than a bug, is with compile settings.

I have my format for each part of the document as I want it to compile, and I can go through the document and set each individual page as I want it to be - section start, section, heading, sub heading etc. Then, when I go into Compile all is well - my settings are showing in the panel to the right, I hit compile and the output is exactly what I want it to be.


Except it’s not. Because then I close the Scrivener file and the next time I reopen it every individual page in the manuscript is set to ‘Section’ and I have to go right through and reset everything, which is a real ball-ache…

This happens whether I right click on each page in the left hand tree, or do them via the inspector, or change them right in the Compile dialogue. Works fine for the compile bur does not hold the settings once the document is closed.

Is that right? Is it a bug, the way it’s meant to work, or have I clicked, or not clicked something that I should, or shouldn’t have?

The compile section of the Beta is not fully functional yet.

Perhaps a dumb question: Did you save your compile settings?
That is, add as a new format or a duplicate /editingof an existing format? (At the bottom of the formats list, there is a + sign.)

Yeah, those settings are fine - all the formats that I set up for that particular compile have saved. It’s the structure settings of the actual documents that aren’t saving and have to be reset when the program is closed and reopened

Searching for “Section Type” in the tutorial, I see that there is a passage marked with the “Missing Feature” style on this text: “Note that this document’s section type is displayed as “Section” in grey italics”. There are also compile settings that are below the line that is marked as “Missing Feature” with this text: “BETA NOTE: Everything below this point is not yet working. You will be able to follow along with the instructions. But when you compile, the result will not be to apply any special formatting or section layouts, as described.”

My guess is that you’re straddling the line between what should work, and what isn’t implemented. Since it’s sort of a compile setting, maybe the section type is saved in the same place where compile settings are. And since compile settings aren’t fully implemented, then this setting isn’t going to either.

… maybe?

Anyway, until it’s feature-complete, anything related to compile that doesn’t work yet probably isn’t expected to. I’d keep an eye out for the next beta’s change log, and the interactive tutorial project packaged with it. Maybe that “BETA NOTE” will move further down in the tutorial.

Thanks. This has been filed.