[LH3285] Problems with search? v14

When I do a universal search of the draft (32 chapters) for say a word, it will only search one chapter. searching each chapter by scrolling to a new chapter is very time consuming and unnecessary.

Many thanks for your attention.


I’ve seen this in Scrivenings mode, but currently that’s not happening for me. All forms of search (Except “Quick Search,” which gives me no response whatsoever) appear to work fine in that mode.

In Document mode, Project Search works fine also, here.

Please make a difference between Edit > Find > Find(Ctrl+F) and Edit > Find > Project Search(Ctrl+G, Ctrl+S) and the Quick Search functionality inside the main ToolBar. From your post it is not clear which search functionality you are using and does not report the expected results.

P.S. Writing a thread title “Bug?” is not very helpful either.

Thanks for your responses.

My post wasn’t clear and inaccurate.

When I “select all” and I want to change the font, it only does so for the first chapter, not the whole document.

Would it help if I put this in a separate thread?

Apologies for the confusion.

Thank you.

Hi 2012,

We are aware of a bug where trying to select text while in a Scrivenings session will only select one document at a time, ending at the end of that document. Is that what you are seeing?

Nearly, and thanks for the response. I have the whole manuscript in front of me, and I can scroll down the chapters. If I select all and say, change the size of the font, or the style of font, it will change it only for that chapter. I will then need to go on to the next chapter to perform the same changes, (probably by highlighting and dragging) and then making the changes.

I have one chapter with all the scenes within that chapter set up as “chapters” though, so like a linear word document (although scrivener provides page breaks between the chapters [scenes]).


Yep that sounds like our known bug. I’ll update this thread with the ticket number.