[LH3290:FIXED] NEW BUG: Sessions goal not working anymore

Now in the" session goals" the the number of words written are the same as the total words written in the project. Consequently the colored bar is bright green, when the total is highr than the words planned for the day.

I can’t even reset manually to 0, before I start writing

Th writing history, though, looks okay so far.

Hi Dorothea and thank you for reporting this issue. We re-worked and optimized the project statistics algorithms. Unfortunately we have fixed some and introduced new bugs. I can verify the bug you have described and I have filed it with #3290 in our bug tracking system, which will be fixed in the next release. Meanwhile you can try the “Options” button > “Session Target” tab and change the “Reset session count:” option to “Never”. This should get your counts back to expected, I believe. Please, give it a try and let me know if this workaround helps.

All the best,

This workaround seems to work.

perhaps this is the same question, but I can’t reset the session target… Any advice?
Paul Shank

@PaulShank: Please, use the same workaround as mentioned above.

Thank you so much! That was getting really frustrating to not have the session targets working. They make it so much easier to track my daily word count.