[LH3292] [BUG] Spell checker doesn't learn possessive version of nouns

When I add a person’s name to the spell checker. like Amina, it takes it fine. But when I attempt to also add the possessive version of the name, Amina’s, it doesn’t accept it—it keeps flagging it as a mis-spelling.

Thank you for reporting this, TomGoodell. I have filed it together with other similar issues in our bug tracking system.

Dear Tom Goodell,

Just fyi, the problem is with typographic (“curly”) apostrophes, rather than possessives. It has been reported here [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3292-beta-11-spelling-and-apostrophes-bug-persists/43642/1] together with a workaround (which, I expect won’t be needed after the next beta).

@jje: That is why, it received the same bug tracking ID. :wink:

Minor update, In beta 10 you could add the form with the apostrophe and it would be recognised, as long as you used the straight “typewriter” quote, not a proper “curly” typographic one. However, that is no longer true in Beta 11. Even after adding a possessive, such as Haldane’s (straight quote) to the dictionary, it is still being flagged as incorrect and cannot be learnt (but the same word wasn’t in beta 10):