[LH3292:FIXED] Dictionary Bug Learned Word Possessives Beta 11

I’ve come across an interesting bug. If I add a name to my Scrivener dictionary (something I do a lot as a Fantasy writer), the plain name gets added no problem. But I can’t add the possessives to the dictionary because instead of adding “Name’s” it adds “Name?s”. See screenshot.

This bug is consistent, it happens with every name in my fantasy novel. I add the regular version of the name, it works fine. But when I click “Add to Dictionary” for the possessive, the bug appears 100% of the time for every name.

possessive dictionary bug.jpg

Already filed here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3292-bug-spell-checker-doesnt-learn-possessive-version-of-nouns/43691/1

This will be handled in the next update.

Just confirmed that this has not only been fixed in Beta 12 but works better than in any spelling check program I’ve ever used: you add the unfamiliar word to the dictionary and the possessive is recognised automatically – no need for two different entries (e.g. Haldane and Haldane’s) and no need to go through the “add to dictionary” process twice. [wild applause!]

Thank You, JJE!

I have just noticed another tiny bug with this feature. If you have a proper noun ending in s, the usual possessive would be to simply place an apostrophe after the s, but Scrivener flags this as wrong. For example, if you type H.G. Wells (as I do a rather often in the current book), and then add ’ to give Wells’ (e.g. “Wells’ first novel”) Scrivener will underline it in red and offer “Wells” as a correction (!). But if you type Wells’s (which I find a bit quaint and ugly), Scrivener is happy.

This only seems to happen with words that have been added to the user dictionary (wordlist.ini), but such words are also flagged as mis-spelt if you try to enclose them in single quotes (e.g. ‘Wells’).

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I use the UK English spelling dictionary.

Quick update on my last post: in beta 13, the problem with an apostrophe after a noun ending in s (e.g. “Davis’ view”, as opposed to “Davis’s view”) is still there.

I wonder if it’s connected to the problems flagged in the thread “Beta 12: new spelling check strangeness” [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh-3469-beta-12-new-spelling-check-strangeness/43834/1]?