[LH3296] Can't Drop Image

I just updated to the December 12 - February 12 beta, and I can no longer drag .jpg images from a folder into the synopsis image section for my character sheets.

Please advise. Is there an alternate way to do this? Or will I just have to wait until the bug is fixed next beta?

Note: I can drag images into the NOTES section just fine, but the sizing is incorrect and it doesn’t help with the bulletin board overview.

I have verified this bug and filed it in out bug tracking system. As a workaround you may try dropping the image inside the Binder > Research folder and drag-and-drop it from the Binder into the index card synopsis area. You can safely remove the image from the Binder > Research folder afterwards.

Thank you for the workaround – never would have occured to me! :slight_smile: