[LH3298] Dark Mode - Grey Controls

First, thanks for getting this beta 11 out several days earlier. Second, thanks for Dark Mode! This is one of the most requested features for 3.0

Dark Mode is an excellent feature. As mentioned in the beta text, there are some issues. Many of the controls are grey and hard to see. I pointed these out in the attached graphic. These controls should be white, not grey.

I honestly think a lighter grey, closer to white but still off-white would be a better choice for contrast, but do agree that this controls should be lightened in the next release.

I also want to give a huge thanks for Dark Mode! I’ve never understood the trend of light themes for writing applications and the option to choose dark, which is much better for the eyes when staring at the screen for a long time, is a Godsend!

Having too much contrast is not a good thing. So, no white.
#929292 will be a good color on that background.

On my machine the text in the editing window is deep black and the items described above are dark, but the menus look OK. When Scrivener starts to load the file, the text in the editing window flashes white very briefly before going all black

Yes, it does not have to be white. It just has to be visible at a glance. Maybe #afafaf or a blue tint like #435add.

Agree, menus are good. As for the flashing, I get that too. I think that can be fixed by updating the screen before displaying it.

May I ask what you mean by this? How do I “update” the screen before “displaying it”? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, just checked my doc – all chapters show white text EXCEPT the one I was working in, if that helps at all!

Sorry, I did not mean that was something you would do. It is a program change that needs to be made be the developers.

+1 for making the controls brighter. The symbols at the top of the Inspector, for example, are very important to be able to see clearly; right now it is hard to see them, especially the little dot next to them indicating that they have content.

Also I really think that the collapsible arrows next to folders (and some documents) in the binder, as well as the arrows next to collapsible portions of items in the Outliner, need to be considerably whiter. Right now I feel like I have to squint and get really close to the screen to discern that a Binder folder/document or item in the Outliner has such an arrow and what its current state is (collapsed or not).

Thank you so much for including a dark mode!

Hi guys, making the icons white is definitely not an option. Indeed having your GUI too dark might be also due to reduced monitor brightness, which is OK when you have normal “bright” windows theme, but makes everything too dark when you have a dark windows theme. We have borrowed a lot of the colors from the Mac Dark Mode theme, so I would kindly ask you to review your monitor settings too.

Thanks for the dark theme and your answer.

It’s not a problem with the brightness of my monitor. My monitors are calibrated as my job requires it. I already use Dark Windows theme too. Photoshop doesn’t suffer from this issue. The icons need just a bit more light in them.

The other thing that can be improved is the lines between the elements. They are too bright at the moment. Take a look at the attached gif. The brightest lines are the original color and the darkest are in the color I would prefer. You may need to open the image in full-view to see it.

Notice that when you use the darker color for the lines, the icons become more visible. It’s a little thing, but IMHO it has a big impact.


Thank You for your feedback, Krastev! I will put some notes in our development queue for the designers to reconsider your feedback, guys.