[LH3299] Session word count incorrectly resets on project close

The session word count resets to 0 when the project is closed and opened, instead of resetting at a set time as set in the settings.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a blank project.
In Project/Project Targets, set a session target of 500.
Click Options/Session Target and set Reset Session Count to “At set time each day.”
Click OK, back out, and write a few words. Note that the session count is correct.
Close and reopen the project; the session count has reset.

I think this happens when the project is opened and not when it is closed, because opening a project on my Mac after closing it on Windows retains the session count I had in that Windows session.

Can confirm, using latest beta x64 on Windows 10 Pro. I changed the Reset session count to Never and it’s the same, always clearing on project close.

Also, “Show target notifications” is always unchecked when reopening.

I’m having the same problem. I saved and closed my project this morning, I reopened it shortly after and the word count had reset.

“Show target notifications” always reverts to unchecked upon closing the project. If you do not close the project, its state seems to be remembered. I have filed this as a bug and will be fixed in the next release. You are also correct that the session counts always reset. We could not fix this for the Beta 11 release, and working on fixing this in the next Beta 12 guys.