[LH3300] Beta 11: Typewriter Scrolling in New Project Not Working

The most recent post I saw concerning typewriter scrolling dated back to June of last year, so I thought you should know.

With the option Typewriter Scrolling in New Projects checked, I created multiple new projects. Twice I used the Novel template, and once I used the blank template. I confirmed the option was set before and after creating the new projects.

When typing in a document, the editor went to the bottom of the screen before scrolling and leaving me always at the bottom of the document.

In Composition Mode, typewriter scrolling works as described in the documentation.


To clarify, turning on the menu option for Typewriter Scrolling in the View, Text Editing menu causes that scrolling to work. It is the option under File, Options, Editing Icon, Editing tab that seems to do nothing for new projects.

Thanks for clarifying this, MIIK! I have filed it in our bug tracking system.