[LH3301] Problem Transforming Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes

When I have an inline footnote that stretches across multiple paragraphs and then attempt to transform it into an Inspector footnote (using Edit>Transformations), it only partially works: instead of transforming the one inline footnote into one Inspector footnote, it transforms the one inline footnote into multiple Inspector footnotes (one for each paragraph that was in the inline footnote). Since I know that an Inspector footnote can consist of multiple paragraphs, I don’t really understand why this would be an intentional behavior, so I’m hoping it’s a bug that can be addressed.

This is of particular importance to me because I am trying to import a Word document that has several footnotes that stretch multiple paragraphs, so it will require a lot of manual changes done myself if this is not fixed.

Thank you for such brilliant software!

This is a bug McCarthy777, and I have filed it in our bug tracking system. We already improved the note manipulation for the next beta 12, so I will take care this is handled too.