[LH3304] Beta 11: Custom Format of Date Type Meta-Data Field Shows Incorrectly

I created a Date type custom meta-data field. I specified a custom format of yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm. The data in the field displays correctly according to that same custom format, but reopening the custom meta-data definition for the date field shows the custom format as y-MM-dd hh:mm. The first three characters appear to be lost.

It appears that “y” and “yyyy” are interchangeable in the custom format field. I tested your example, and it does indeed eliminate the first 3 “y” characters. However, if I input simply “y” in their place, it performs the same function.

This is not an intuitive change, although it’s handy as a shortcut.

Trying to match some Mac and Windows date formatting options results into converting “yyyy” into “y”. This has been filed and will be fixed in the next release.

Using “y” instead of “yyyy” I am fine with. Tho if it’s in put as “yyyy” I suppose it should stay that way… will you be still allowing “y” as an input to mean the same thing? :wink:

We need to test this in several other cases too, but the aim is you get what you type, i.e. you type ‘yyyy’ and get back ‘yyyy’. Using the ‘y’ specifier should result into a different formatting too. Unfortunately Qt does not handle ‘y’, as Mac does, which makes us do compatibility tricks. Using “yy” and “yyyy” are the preferred specifiers which should be good enough in 99% of the cases.