[LH3305|LH3130] Composition Mode Editor seems to reset on exit (аgain?)

It was announced on Beta 4 publication: «Fixed a bug that reset the composition mode editor zoom to 100% each time you entered composition mode.»

I am not sure that betas 5 to 10 were all right with that (rather no than yes), but the bug is definitely present in B.11. Paper width and paper position are correctly preserved between entering and exiting Composition mode, but real zoom is always 100% on entering. What is more, Text Scale digits seem to preserve previous session zoom parameter, but there is no connection between Text Scale figure and real text scale on entering Composition mode.

Text Scale in Composition mode is working exactly as it should. It preserves all the settings when we leave and retains those settings on enter. There is a difference between the text scaling in the editor and composition. They are both two different things and should stay that way.

Maybe, it was not framed clearly enough, but I meant the same: all settings of Composition Mode must be preserved after I exit the mode (ideally, even after I close Scrivener).

I just checked it again and have to make a correction: yes, the settings are preserved correctly when you enter Composition mode from a single document (file). If you currently work on folder (group), it works as I described above.

I did not notice the difference just because I rarely use Composition mode for short pieces of text.

In any case, it seems this does not work as expected.

I am afraid the problem I described above stayed unnoticed.

To put it as simple and clear as possible, when I enter Composition Mode from Scrivenings Mode, Composition Mode Zoom is always 100% (while Text Scale figure shows zoom previously set, say, 125 or 150%), Scrivener never remembers previous settings for Composition Mode reached from Scrivenings Mode. As for Single Document Mode, all is OK with zoom.

I am still unsure whether it is what was intended or a bug. Thanks a lot for any clarification.

Hi biblioman. you are correct. There is a bug in the Composite mode zoom upon opening a Scrivenings session. The zoom is remembered and restored properly in Composite single document mode. Previously, it was not clear that you were having Composite Scrivenings mode in mind. I have filed and should be fixed in the next release.

Thank you, tiho_d.

As I have been already using the Beta in some research/writing projects, and find it comfortable, elegant and reliable enough for practical use, it seems so important to iron out even such small irritating things.

This zoom one is by no means serious, but I really happy it is about to go. The only other really important problem that I see extremely important, if not critical, for practical use is the following:

[LH2534]: exporting styles (i.e. style structure, not only formatting) to docx/odt format.

Hope it will also be solved sooner than later.

Anyway, good luck and thank you for this beautiful piece of soft.

The zoom bug has already been fixed and will be available in the next release. I cannot promise the same with exporting the styles, unfortunately as it needs more time to implement, but it is on our list and will be implemented sooner than later.

Great, thanks. And later is better than never. Good luck.

Just encountered this when I’m NOT in Composition mode. I’m in the normal editor, in Scrivenings mode. I set my standard zoom to 125 or 150, depending on a few things. Opened Scrivenings (it’s a standard document with another document child of it. Too much to be useful in “notes,” so it’s a subtending document. This opens as “Scrivening mode”). The zoom level checked in the Zoom setting menu entry was 150, but the actual zoom shown might have been 100. Might have been less; it was rather small.

Thanks, this has also been filed, and I have updated the title of this thread to add the new ticket number as well.