[LH3309] Beta 11: Font Size of Inspector Text

The font size of the items in the inspector (synopsis, meta data fields, etc.) is too small for me. I know that’s a subjective statement, but I get a headache from eye strain working for longer periods in the inspector. There needs to be a way for users to increase the font size of the inspector.items, maybe in the options since it would probably be set once and forgotten.

I realize I can alter my system settings to make text larger, but that creates a host of other issues with text not fitting in windows.


This has been fixed and will be available with the next update.

Tiho, when you fix this, please, make the size of the text settable – in Options!

If I need to explain, in common retinal damage from (common) diabetes, you lose small patches of sight in an eye.

Thus you need things bigger to resolve them. Fortunately vision then makes what you see smooth also, and thus altogether much more recognizable. Reading returns.

Sizing need is personal, hence the Optioning request…

I also looked into icon sizing in Qt, as I see the recent coloring etc. wasn’t enough for @StaceyUK, and there is lots of room on the bar for this. It seem really easy – here is some code suggestion for it:


I did look into whether the latest Windows 10 simplified ‘make bigger’'would solve there – no. MS never get scaling right, or depend too much on apps following their ideas, which Qt seems rather lax on…cheers.


Thank you for the icon hints, Clive. Indeed we can do the icons in any size and in any color. This is not the problem. The problem is to convince 99% of the users to make changes, which will benefit 1% percent of the users. Convincing the GUI designers of these icon size changes, is also a big challenge and I speak from experience. We do think of options which will allow customizing these, but it will happen after the official release. I believe you will all agree, that you want to have the compiler ready and fully working instead the ability to adjust the icon sizes and colors.

In the latest Beta 12, we also added the ability to adjust the height of the toolbars, but adjusting the icon size will result into blurry icons and we do not want this. Adding several sets of icon sizes is a development and Scrivener size/memory overhead, which we do not want to take at the moment. Sorry about that, Clive.

You can certain that it’s much more than 1 % who suffer with this idea to make everything as tiny as possible.

There are many many people with sight issues or not-so-perfect screens. Or older ones: you should not throw them away, when they’are still working, because that produces more eletronic thrash.

Design isn’t worth anything when it doesn’t care of usability. Some good color would help too to recognize what is what

Not the only ones who need things just a touch larger than 9-point type.