[LH3310] Question: Hyphenation - how to?

As this Win 3 shall be on par with the mac version, I am now looking for the hyphenation tool to be able to compile for print books. (No way one can do a print book in German without hyphenation )
I was comparing to the instructions for Mac, but I could not find it.

Did I miss something or is this feature not yet installed?

I so need it.

The Hyphenation tool is provided from the Mac OS and is not present under Windows. It is language specific and is a huge effort to implement without using some third party tools. We do not plan on having this feature available in the initial Scrivener for Windows v3 release. Sorry about that.

Oh! :cry:
It’s what I’m waiting for since ages!!
So that means that we still can’t create any printable PDF out ofScrivener.

Can’t you just use a third-party tool? Isn’t there something that goes with the language dicrionaries? Because, the way it works with Mac - using the syytem language is not very useful. That covers only one language. In the indie era,mor and more author wisely will get their books translated …

Hi Dorothea, we do understand the importance of this feature. All I am saying is that it is not going to be available in the first official Scrivener for Windows v3, but we will review other options in the future,

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@Dorothea, I’m going to put in my ½penny-worth here. I seem to be in a minority here of those who always run thier compiled text through a Word processor … and probably an even smaller minority who compile to RTF and let Word do the conversion to .docx—not that I use Word as my default w/p, preferring one that happens to use RTF as its default format. I always want the new perspective my word processor puts on the text, helping me to spot errors and typos I’ve missed in Scrivener, and also to check the pagination.

That said, in your position, I would be compiling to RTF, opening that in Word and getting Word to do the hyphenation, and then print to PDF from Word after I had checked it all carefully.



A suggestion, here. You’re already using hunspell. Hunspell does have a hyphenation function, and I’m pretty sure Libreoffice uses it. For more information:


I’m not suggesting you change this version’s features; this more a thought for 3.1 or later.

Thank you for the suggestion, rwfranz! Unfortunately the integration of any hyphenation tool with the Qt text engine is the difficult part. It is like integrating one third party tool into another third party tool, without having much control over the third party tools. If they support it naturally it all works beautifully, if not it is very hard to make it work. As Mac provides an all in one package, it is much more easier to provide the functionality. Still we have not dropped the idea, but have higher priority tasks at the moment.

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That’s about the way I do it so far. Only that I use Libreofice, not Word anymore, since it crashed together with a hard disc some time ago. But there is no automatic hyphenation working since a while.

Could you use multimarkdown and LaTeX to do hyphenation formatting? Is MMD in yet? :slight_smile: