[LH3315] Bug: sort collection by date, "newest first" is backwards

  1. Open a collection – in my case, I have a few collections based on searches.
  2. Up at the top of the collection pane, pick “Sort by Date”. The items in the collection are sorted.

Now, in that same sort menu, there is an option for “Newest First”. This works, but backwards – when the option is ticked, the items are sorted with OLDEST first. When it is unticked, it sorts with NEWEST first.

Not a huge deal since you can still sort oldest/newest first, but it is a bit confusing and odd.

Just to be clear, this is the menu at the top of the collections pane I’m talking about (displaying my collection called “Modified: 1d”, which is basically a saved search). When I have it configured like this (no tick on Newest First), it actually DOES sort newest first.


Thank You, sschertz! This has been filed and will be fixed in the next release.