[LH3320] crashing when entering and exiting composition (scrivener) mode especially w/project targets open

The program has crashed and shutdown on me numerous times when entering or exiting the full screen composition mode. It seems to happen when I have either the project targets or the statistics windows open and especially happens when I have both of those windows open.

Hi B_WORDSWORTH, unfortunately I cannot reproduce this problem. Switching between Composite and normal editor mode with the Project Targets window open works fine in my tests. The Statistics window is a modal window and you can not switch to Composite mode when the Project Statistics window is open. You may also try changing some of the options inside File > Options > Behaviors > Composition Mode and see if this helps avoiding the crash. If someone else can post whether they experience any crash in similar cases like described here, it might be also helpful. If you upload a screenshot showing all opened windows when you enter Composite mode, it might also help.

It could easily have been an issue with my computer as well. I haven’t had any issues since. if it happens again, i’ll post an update.