[LH3323] Beta 12: Setting text to No Style does not reset to default formatting for empty lines

  1. Select text including regular default text as well as empty lines / carriage returns with Style settings, for example Heading 1 or 2.

  2. Then use the dropdown at top left of the editor to set the selected text to No Style.

All selected text will revert as expected to default formatting. However, empty lines which were previously set to Heading, for example, show as “No Style” but retain font and font size for Heading 2 rather than reverting to default text formatting.

I duplicated this, following those instructions. Has to be a blank line that’s been set to some Style; it will only be noticeable (I think) if that style has a different font size. The lines affected are empty, so only the line height gives away the bug.

I have seen this too

This is still a problem in Beta 13. I’ve been importing a bunch of old Word docs to a project, then needing to reset their formatting. Empty lines would retain the old Word formatting.

One workaround: Create a style duplicating the default style. First assign the duplicate style before assigning to No Style. Adds an extra step but works like a charm.

I have have just experienced a version of this, and as enteleos says, changing to another style first fixed it (but it can be any style). However, I’ve also found a new problem when I first try to reapply No Style, which is that the paragraph now overlaps the previous paragraph. The screenshots show a Word document that has been imported to Scrivener.

I selected all the paragraphs and applied No Style (Ctrl-Alt-0), but the paragraph after the indented quote (which has already been re-formatted with my “Quote” style) has an indented first line, but “No Style” does not:

So, I select that paragraph and hit “No Style”, the result is this:

But if I then reformat the paragraph with the “Quote” style, then hit Ctrl-Alt-0 again, everything is fine.
Hope this helps identify the bug.

Interesting. Does this happen when you paste from other word processors, such as Google’s? Or is this just from Word?