[LH3329] Writing History automatically deletes previous day

I use git to track my changes, else I might not have realized what was going on.

Note that the line was deleted before I made any changes today. I was testing to see if adding words would fix it.


Bump. I’m having to manually edit the file after the day ends to get my word tracking back.

EDIT: It just deleted data from June 23rd.

I just noticed this. Is it maybe because I hadn’t closed Scrivener? It crashed today, and this is the first time PreviousSession has changed.

An update, this happens whenever I leave Scrivener open past midnight for a consecutive day. If I close it, my writing history is preserved.

Is no one else having this happen to them?

I haven’t tried, but this is a good find. It is pretty hard to argue with source control diffs.

Bump, since this hasn’t been assigned an issue number.

If you want to recreate it, there are two ways. Have a negative word count for the day, or leave the project open for at least two consecutive days. After the second day, it will start deleting the previous day’s wordcount at midnight.


Thanks. This has been filed.

How do you mean tracking changes in git? Are you tracking word counts or writing history? Sorry if I misread, that just sounds neat.