[LH3331] Beta 12 - Session word count doesn't reset.

I’ve just started using the session target for my new project. Yesterday I set the session target to 1500 words and set the session options to reset at 00:00. However, on opening Scrivener, and the project, today I found that the session count had not reset to zero.

I then changed the options to reset when the project was reopened. I closed Scrivener and reopened it, but again the session count didn’t reset to zero.



Thanks, this has been filed and should be fixed in the next version.

Ah, so it’s not just me – I don’t close Scrivener on the laptop, and this morning I discovered that apparently I wrote 15 thousand words while I was asleep. :wink:

Oh, I love it when searching for post works well and I don’t have to be the rube who creates a new thread.

Count me in for this problem! Interestingly, it only happens on one of my two computers. I will add that clicking “reset” does not work, either. My session wordcount for this project is the wordcount of the entire project. I’d like to think I write 80,000 words every day, but this is unlikely.