[LH3342] : Modified Date and Time in General Metadata Not Updating

The modified date and time in the General Metadata section of the inspector does not update when you make changes to the document it inspects. Even when the allotted time passes and Scrivener automatically saves the document so the asterisk in the title bar goes away, the modified date and time don’t change.

That can be a problem if also working in the other editor, notes, and elsewhere, and you use that date and time to check whether you’ve applied changes you are considering.

The workaround is to select a different document and then return to the first document. It will then show the correct modified date and time.



Yes, this is correct. The modified date and time change as soon as the document is reloaded in the editor. Since this is the same way that it currently works on the bug, this is not a bug. But I do understand the behaviour may be frustrating for you. I am marking this post as a Suggestion so that we can take a look at implement the changes you suggest at a later date.


This is indeed a bug, which will be fixed in the next release.