[LH3357] Cannot pre (un)bold a range of empty cells in a table


I’ve got a table that somehow decided everything ought to be bold. I have to turn that off for every cell individually. Selecting a range and hitting the bold icon (or using ctrl+B) toggles the formatting toolbar B icon status but doesn’t do a thing to the range of table cells selected.

update: I tested this in the non-beta version and it is the same. The status indicator will toggle, but the individual cells will not change their bold/normal status

update 2: This applies only to cells with no text in them. You cannot PRE format the cells, You have to post format them. Post formatting works as expected.

I don’t see it mentioned; have you already tried selecting the entire table and toggling bold off? It looks to me as though selecting multiple cells and toggling formatting has no effect, but if the entire table is selected (and best that is done by including a little text above and below it), then you should be able to toggle bold off. Presumably that is how it got that way in the first place.

Thanks! This is a bug and has been filed.