[LH3361] Export outliner contents as CSV.

I have synopses included in my outliner contents. I want to create a CSV of them all.

However, my Manuscript/Draft folder has subfolders. If I select the Manuscript folder in the Outliner, the only output I see in “Export Outliner contents as CSV” is those folders. Not their contents. Just the one level of the outliner.

So to get all the synopses of the Manuscript in the Export, I have to export from several different folders, not just one.

Is this the intended behavior? So if someone has, say seven different parts in their Project, and ten folders under each one, and ten documents under each of those, they have to export seventy CSV files to get everything?

Or is this a bug?

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is a bug. I have filed it and will be fixed in the next release.