[LH3372] - <$t:mytag> placeholder not working

I tried to use a custom counter for layout, and the <$t:mytag> did not resolve to a number, it just compiled as exactly the way the placeholder was written.

Hi galactic president,

Sorry for the delayed response. What exactly were you trying to use the counter for? In my tests, <$t> appears to compile fine, but <$t:mytag> doesn’t look like a proper format for a tag. If I had a better sense of how you were trying to use it I might be able to suggest an appropriate format.


That’s the exact form given in your guides, the ‘mytag’ is just a placeholder for the actual tags, which are things like ‘book’, ‘part’, ‘chapter’ etc.

My apologies, you are entirely correct. It appears that named streams are allowed on the Mac version and should be added to the Windows version as well.

I have filed this . Thank you for your help and sorry for my mistake!

The placeholders for custom metadata appear to work (I’ve been using them).

<$custom:Year> is one example. Very helpful, too.

However, as he mentioned, the stream tags for <$t> (like <$t:chapter>) do not seem to work. <$t> itself works (bare, but that’s not so useful when you want to number several things at once).
Also, the stream tags for <$n> do not seem to work. <$n:scene> does not work, for example.

The other autonumbering placeholders may also suffer from the same problem; I have not checked.

I’m wondering if these tags need something else? Something not explained in the Windows Placeholders document?