[LH3398] Styles and shortcuts

I generally don’t use keyboard shortcuts to apply styles. However, today, it would have saved a bit of time to do that. However, when I redefined a style and redefined an existing shortcut for it, using the shortcut did nothing.

The first five shortcuts for styles are alt-shift-1 through alt-shift-5. I’ve never used them. So I figured rather than reach across the keyboard trying to get alt-shift-6 with one hand (the other one is on the mouse when I do this), I’d use alt-shift-1. Scrivener asked if I really wanted to redefine alt-shift-1, and I said yes, but the result is that nothing happens when I use it.

Evidently, alt-shift-1 is hard-coded for “No Style”, and overriding it doesn’t work? If that’s the case, changing it should not be allowed.

Once I changed the shortcut to alt-shift-6, it worked okay. But alt-shift-1 did not.

By default Alt+Shift+0 is assigned to “No Style”. The Format > Style menu shows you the current shortcuts for each style. Which shortcut do you see against “No Style”?


However, when I made that change, to assign a different style to alt-shift-1, I got neither of them; I got nothing. No change whatsoever. However, there’s a wrinkle here.

With a little research and playing around (after I slept and read your reply), I narrowed down the culprit.

To reproduce this:

1 Create a new styled text.
2 Create a new style from selection. Don’t assign it a shortcut.
3 Select the styled text.
4 Redefine Style from selection.
5 Assign it a previously used shortcut.
6 Select some text, and use that shortcut. Nothing will happen.

In “Redefine Style… ,” you can assign an unused shortcut, and it will work.
And in “Create new style… ,” you can assign any shortcut, even a used one, and it will work.
But if in “Redefine… ,” you assign a shortcut in use, it will SAY it did, but the shortcut will not work (as if nothing was assigned).

Or that’s the behavior here, anyway.