[LH3402] [Beta] Bug: Notes in inspector panel are for the wrong file


I’m using Windows 10.

I open Scrivener from a pinned taskbar shortcut.

Every time I’ve opened Scrivener since downloading the new beta, the inspector has been displaying incorrect information. It opens to the notes view, and my notes are missing - the whole section is blank. The synopsis card at the top has an incorrect title - the title from a doc I frequently use for reference in split screen mode.

When I click on another file and go back to the original, everything is as it should be. This is happening every time I open Scrivener.

Thanks -

Thanks for reporting this. I have it logged. If it makes life easier you can download the previous beta 12 again until we get this fixed (beta 12 expires end of Feb 2019), links are at the bottom of the previous beta 13 post.

I have documents in the project bookmarks list, and the synopsis shows the title of the last bookmarked document although the first document in the project bookmarks list is the one selected.

Maybe this information helps you determine what is going wrong.