[LH3403:FIXED] Beta 13: Corkboard does not open double-clicked documents

I just updated from 12 to 13 and opened the project I was working on yesterday in v12.

Got a message that scrivener had detected files that had been deleted but not removed by the file-system. It said these files had now been recovered and placed in a folder called “recovered”.

I have about 30 files in there now, all called “NOTE” and all un-openable.

I checked out my project and its hard to tell if it’s all there or not. However, when I try to carry on with what I was doing yesterday something seems wrong…

I’ve been working on documents in nested folders from the corkboard view. I open a folder, open another folder under that one, then open a document in this folder. This document is empty! all other documents I open from corkboard view are also empty.

However, if I open any of these ‘empty’ documents direct from the binder view then they open OK and can be read/edited.

Any assistance appreciated.

I’ve been working on this project with Aeon Timeline (v2.3.16), which has added some custom metadata to my documents - but this was last week and way before this project got corrupted. I’ve not used Aeon for at least a week.

Yep, discussion at
Beta 13 – “Files Recovered” loading exception on support files for non-RTF docs

The new Beta scans your project’s Data folder for any unexpected files, copies them into new subfolders within Data, and adds them to the binder for your review. Perhaps Aeon adds files to these folders along with custom meta data to the binder?

As you’ve noted, the beta gives us no easy way to locate and deal with the originals. I had to run searches for each name in Windows Explorer. Scriv team, please consider adding a direct link in Document Bookmarks.

Rgds - Jerome

OK - thanks for that one Jerome.

But that still leaves me with documents in my manuscript that show up as empty when I open them from the corkboard screen.

The issue of documents showing as empty when opening them from the corkboard view also happens in the Interactive-Tutorial document, if anybody wants to replicate this…

so for now I’m going back to version 12 until it gets fixed (hopefully before it expires on 28th)

Hi zarker99,

From the corkboard, when I double-click the card icon of a document, Scrivener is not opening the document like it’s supposed to - it’s opening the containing folder. And if the folder text happens to be blank, that might be fooling you into thinking the document is blank.

Try this with the Tutorial project:

Select Get Oriented in the binder.
Click on the Corkboard icon to get into Corkboard view, if you’re not already.
Double-click on the Composition Mode card icon.

That should open the Composition Mode document text, but it does not. It opens the Get Oriented folder text, which happens to be blank.

Additionally, even if I right-click on the Composition Mode card and select Open > Open in Editor, Scrivener still opens the Get Oriented folder text, not the Composition Mode document.

There seems to be no way to open a document from the Corkboard. This is surely a bug, unless I’m missing something.


I managed to open mine.
In “Recovered Files” I opened the tree, selected the document, and in it was an “attachment.” I opened it with Notepad++. I don’t know where it was originally, though I have a strong suspicion.

The tutorial is saying they changed the behaviour of this open-document button from 2-clicks to one. But it doesn’t respond to one click, and 2-clicks don’t work right - so I guess they broke it instead of altering it. Hopefully it should get fixed fairly quickly.

Ah, I missed that change in the tutorial. But one click doesn’t work for me either.

Just to confirm, when I step through the instructions in The Corkboard document of the tutorial, v13 does not always work as expected.

Here’s what I found:

Single-clicking on the yellow book icon of Going Further selects the card, but does not open the folder. (Not expected - it should open the folder.)

Right-clicking on the yellow book icon of Going Further card and picking Open > Open in Left Editor will drill down into the folder’s contents. (Expected)

From there, Single-clicking on the document icon of Searching card selects the card, but does not open the document. (Not expected - it should open the document)

Right-clicking on the document icon of Searching card and picking Open > Open in Left Editor will open the text of the document’s parent folder, Going Further, not the document itself. (Not expected - it should open the document)

But…right-clicking on the document icon of Searching card and picking Open > Open in Right Editor will open the text of the document. (Expected)

Can someone please verify whether they can replicate these results.


Verified with a different project.

Open in Quick Reference, Open in Right Editor, Open in Copyholder – all work as expected.
Nothing else does. Single click does NOT open anything. Double click doesn’t open as expected; it opens the parent folder in the editor.

Single click doesn’t do anything for me. Double-click lets me edit the card’s synopsis on the corkboard. This is expected behaviour for a double-click?

Depends on where you double-click. If I 2-click inside the card, yes. That’s expected.

If I 2-click on the little icon on the upper left, it’s supposed to open the document. Instead, it opens the parent folder for editing.

All sorted! Thanks for the speedy fix :smiley: