[LH3440] MMD compile issues

Not sure if these are features or bugs but:

  1. Multimarkdown syntax in compile seems to be broken with most recent beta:
    for instance, hello no longer is compiled as italics, but compiled as is.

  2. Inspector footnotes are not compiled as footnotes, but as “links”.

Per AmberV on this thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh3440-markdown-links-and-links-to-images-not-working-with-2-90-15/44903/1], the RTF->MMD option is enabled no matter what the setting. So if you are writing in raw MMD, it will have issues with the output…

Ah interesting-- but is this supposed to be a feature or a bug?

It’s a bug. The state of the RTF->MMD checkbox should be respected and not ignored.

Indeed it is a bug. I have updated the title of this thread with the relevant ticket #