[LH3447] Unlink context option bug

After creating a link using a URL via Edit/Add Link, I can right-click on the link and see the Unlink option.

The problem is that when I right-click on the link, not all the text gets selected. Only the text after the first character gets selected.

So, I can click on Unlink, which indeed returns all but the first character in the link to plain text. But the link remains as a single character, the first character of the former link.

If I point the cursor at that character, it changes into a hand and shows the bubble with the URL behind it, just as it did before I unlinked it. However, if I then right-click on the vestigial link, no Unlink option appears in the context menu

Putting the cursor next to the vestigial link, whether to the right or the left, does no good either. Although the Unlink option in the Edit menu appears, it’s greyed out and does nothing.

To unlink the vestigial link, I must first select that single character in the editing pane. Then right-clicking shows the Unlink option and works, and the Edit menu shows the Unlink option, which also works.

Thanks! This has been filed.