[LH3452] Spelling Functionality Working GREAT

Thanks for all the refinements on the spelling-related functions, guys. All the glitchiness that was dogging me is gone, and I can now use “Learn Spelling” for words ending in " 's " without issue.

I agree in part. but the spell checker still flags times (11:52:28 for instance) and other non-character things as spelling errors.

I can’t offer a fix (tried to find one using hunspell’s files), but I can suggest a workaround (if the red line is a real distraction).

If you put a SPACE on each side of each colon, spellcheck will ignore it (numbers count as words, and cannot be misspelled). In fact, if you put a space on either side of the LAST colon, spellcheck ignores the entire group.

And since : isn’t a usual character combination, you can create a replacement in Compile, and your resulting compiled output will have the time correctly formatted.

Thanks for the workaround suggestion, but I hope L&L are going to fix this one; I have never seen a comparable issue in any other writing tool, so I’m hoping it won’t be hard to fix.

Thanks. This has been filed.

And thanks for the compliments as well!

This has been fixed and spelling is further improved in the next Beta v15.