[LH3458]: "Edit | Transformations" command not working

I just noticed that the keyboard shortcut for “capitalise” has been removed (it was Ctrl-6, if I remember rightly), but then I noticed that the command itself seems broken. You can apply one of the transformations to a text selection, but if you then click another transformation command, nothing happens.

You can select other words in the same document, apply transformations, then go back to the first word and try again: nothing happens.

The only way to apply a second transformation (e.g. if you want to correct some capitalisation you did by mistake) is to load a different document in the editor window, then go back to the first document, then transformations work again (but still work only once).

I assume this is a bug, since it’s really annoying if you accidentally click the wrong transformation. Also, please can we have the shortcut back?

[I will also post a suggestion on the other forum that the shortcut be a toggle (as it is in Word), i.e. it cycles through the different transformations (so in Word, you get uppercase, lowercase, capitalise if you repeatedly press the same shortcut key combo); makes the feature more useful, imho.]

Verified. Not only is there not a shortcut, there’s no way to set one, except with an outside program like AHK. Surely Ctrl-6 isn’t so valuable it needed to be removed as a shortcut?

Not sure I like that, either.

These appear to be working for me in Beta 14. Are you still experiencing these difficulties?

I am able to set a keyboard shortcut by going into Options (F12), selecting Keyboard, and filtering for “Capitalize”. Please let me know if this works for you.

I am also able to apply different transformations to the same text using the Edit > Transformations menu item. Please let me know if this works for you as well.

Thank you for your help with this.

It’s mostly working in [b14], assuming “Capitalize” means “Capitalize every word”, not “Capitalize sentence”.

“Small caps” / “Remove small caps” seems a little odd, as the former sets a check mark in the menu and you need to select “Small caps” again to toggle it off.
So what’s the function of “Remove small c.”?

Transformations->Capitalize does work.

However, the keyboard shortcut for “To Title Case” (which is where Ctrl+6 went) does not function properly. As in nothing happens.

I moved the shortcut to Capitalize, and now there are TWO (2) functions using Ctrl+6. The one for “To Title Case” behaves as though it’s hardcoded; I can’t reset it. I can put Ctrl+6 on Capitalize, and reset the one for “To Title Case,” but the display says “To Title Case” is Ctrl+6, also.

Hate to say it, but that’s a bug.

And, now, it appears I can’t reset Capitalize to not show a hotkey. (by default, it doesn’t, so Reset should clear the item, no?) (except with Reset all, which does seem to work. I can’t reset the individual shortcuts on certain actions).

I tried this with another function that by default has no hotkey, Hoist Binder. I assigned it the hotkey of Ctrl-Shift-H, which conflicts with another. I x-ed out the conflicting function, removing its hotkey. Clicked Apply, Clicked OK. F12->Keyboard, filter on hoist, see the new Hoist Shortcut. Reset it. line blanks as expected, but doesn’t disappear from the list item. Click Apply. Click Ok. Reopen F12->Keyboard, filter on hoist, shortcut still appears to be present. And it still works. “X” the entry out, Apply, Ok. That works. RESET does not work to reset the entry to default, which is what I expected. Perhaps I misunderstand the purpose of Reset? Does it merely reset the current keystroke recording?

However, I can hit the little “X” beside the shortcut, and remove it. I came across something strange in this process, too, which is undoubtedly a bug in the shortcuts stuff.

I selected “To Title Case”, hit the little x, and applied.
Then I entered Ctrl+6 in Capitalize, and it said I had a conflict. It showed everything that used Ctrl+6, and the list was empty. If it says there’s a conflict, there should be a conflict. Another bug. It thinks it’s got stuff it doesn’t. I expect something isn’t being cleared on Apply.

And we have a thing called “To Title Case” in the list of keyboard shortcuts; this is not in the transformations list. Capitalization and Title Case are NOT the same thing. And the Title Case function does not work. It appears to do nothing.

Capitalize does now work. Other bugs surfaced.

“Title Case” was inaccurate as it did not actually transform to title case, but rather did what “Capitalize” does now. “To Title Case” was removed from the transformations menu and replaced with “Capitalize”, since that is a more accurate name. However, it looks like “Title Case” wasn’t removed from the keyboard shortcuts menu, even though no such function exists anymore. So you are right, it does absolutely nothing (because it should have been removed). I’ve filed this and posted the ticket number in the post title.

As for your other issue, the “Reset” button next to the “Record” button simply clears the “Key Sequence:” field from whatever was typed or recorded there. It is not meant to affect the actual binding. Applying the changes while the sequence field is blank removes the key binding, as you discovered by clicking the x and applying the change.