[LH3459] B18: words ending in "s" marked as mis-spelt if followed by closing single quote mark

Hi, I have reported this before, but couldn’t find the old thread and wanted to make sure this didn’t get forgotten.

As the title says, if you are using single quotes (e.g. for quotes within quotes) and the last word inside the quotes ends in s, (e.g. synthesis), the word will be underlined as mis-spelt. But if it’s a proper noun (e.g. Wells), Scrivener interprets the closing quote as a possessive and doesn’t flag it. Interestingly (!), capitalising Synthesis doesn’t fix the problem; Scrivener’s spelling dictionary still sees it as mis-spelt.

This has been filed. Thanks.

Just checked in Beta 23 and the problem is still there. I know it wasn’t on the “fixed” list but I’m hoping it won’t get forgotten (even though it’s only trivial). Thanks,