[LH3459] Single quote mark bug still isn't quite gone

I’ve reported this before, but the pattern seems different in B17, so I thought a new thread might be useful. For some words ending in s, putting a single quote (either a possessive or closing a pair of single quotes) causes the word to be underlined as misspelt.

Examples: include words that I have added to my custom dictionary, such as the name DeVries, but also ordinary dictionary words (such as: theories, stress, fungus). But it doesn’t happen with most plurals (e.g. interpretations, accounts, dreams).

It seems as if the dictionary flags words ending in s unless it identifies them as plurals, but fails to recognise some words (such as theories) as plurals. However, it also identifies proper nouns and allows them to end with a closing single quote, so if you capitalise Theories and then add the closing ', it is no longer mis-spelt.

Yes, this bug has been filed. It affects words based on whether they are considered correctly spelled without the ‘s’, hence why ‘theories’ will be marked wrong but ‘theorys’ will be marked correct.