[LH3459] single-quotes still not working

I have reported this before, but I’m going to mention it again in case it’s been overlooked.

If a word ends in s, it is common (in British English, at least) to form a possessive by simply putting a single quote after the s (e.g. Harris’ idea, not Harris’s idea). In the latest beta, Scrivener recognises this as a correct form (yay!), but if single quotes are used around words where the last one happens to end in s, this is still flagged as a mistake (see screenshot):

This only happens if the word ending in s starts with a lower-case letter (Scrivener assumes its a proper noun if it’s capitalised).

I use “double quotes” for direct quotations, and ‘single ones’ as scare quotes, for paraphrases, etc. (a pretty common pattern, in my experience, but the other way round is also widely used), so I notice this problem quite often.

I’d be very grateful for a fix. Thanks.

Thanks, this has been filed. It appears to be simply ignoring the final s entirely and deciding if the word is correctly spelled without it. Hence ‘theories’ is flagged (as your example shows) but the incorrectly spelled ‘theorys’ isn’t.