[LH3468] Drag and drop font is not default font

In the current Scrivener beta version I created a project with the Blank template and set all my default fonts to Segoe UI. But when I drag and drop the font turns to Arial. Where does that come from and how do I prevent it?

Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

This is a known problem [LH3468]. Some people experience this and others do not. No known reason. You can have Segoe UI installed multiple places, and still this will happen. You can have it installed in Scrivener’s own font directory (which it is by default), and still Scrivener will not use it. Instead, it shows whatever font it thinks is the system font – Arial or Calibri, usually. For example, if I set the Windows font to Segoe UI, Scrivener chooses Arial; if I set the Windows font to something else, Scrivener chooses Calibri.

I don’t personally like Segoe UI (I find DejaVu Serif much more readable), so this is not really an issue for me – except that the behavior by Scrivener is not as expected, and that indicates either a programming error somewhere which almost certainly will bite us in the future, or possibly a setting in Windows that isn’t set (which I suspect, but folks with fresh installs of Windows report this also).

So far, the best workaround is to find a font you like other than Segoe UI and use that as the default formatting.

Thanks a bunch. It never occurred to me this problem was Segoe UI specific, Otherwise I would have searched the forums and found the thread you pointed to.