[LH3468 | LH4021] Some bugs with the last beta

Hi !
I’m using Scrivener Beta (664545) 64-bit on windows 10.

  1. Every time I open my project all my documents return to Arial font…
    I use Segoe UI to write. No problem with times new roman.

  2. When I open the font list from the editor, my pc freeze, for 30s or so, when I scroll (I have an i7 with 16gb ram).
    No problem with the popup font list. Maybe some issue with the preview.

  3. there is no support of Antidote, so for now I copy paste my text on Word for using Antidote.
    But I loose my non-breaking spaces (NBSP) just by pasting in word.
    On Scrivener 1.9, this method worked.


The Segoe UI issue:

This is a problem with Segoe UI and Windows, I think. Shift to some other font as your default font, and this behavior will (almost certainly) stop. I have no idea why it does this. Using the Windows system font as a default font evidently carries with it some problems, and you’re experiencing one of them (it doesn’t affect everyone, either; some can use it without issues, and others cannot).

I had the same issue, and Scrivener would choose Arial or Calibri instead of Segoe UI (at random, too; one day it would be one of those, the next day it might be the other). Even though Segoe UI is in Scrivener’s own font directory, it’s not a stable font choice (no clue why).

As far as I know, that bug has not been closed yet, and may never be.

My advice: pick a different working font.

The current default font is Sitka (which I don’t use, but I tried it, and at least it doesn’t switch to something else). As fonts go, it isn’t terrible. If you must use a sans serif font, Deja Vu Sans (available from DejaVu’s site), Noto Sans (available at Google Fonts), and Merriweather Sans (available at Google Fonts) are pretty decent, and freely available. I’ve got all of those installed, and I can’t really choose one over the other in terms of appearance.

Sounds like a reasonably powerful pc. Shouldn’t be hanging like that.

Doesn’t happen here. Both font lists work fairly quickly without much delay if any.
How many fonts do you have installed? How large is your document? Your project?
How much free space on your hard drive/SSD? (20% is recommended by most makers)
Is your project being saved to a synced directory with sync turned on? (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) (turn any cloud sync off while you’re editing)

Some differences exist in formatting between 1.9 and 2.9/3.
Some things to try:

  • compile to Word instead of pasting (you can compile just one document at a time)
  • compile to HTML and check that using (shudder) Internet Explorer, which evidently Antidote works with.

Why does Word not correctly handle nbsp’s in the clipboard? I suppose it’s possible that Scrivener’s copy command doesn’t format them properly (that would be a software bug).

Thanks RWFRANZ for your anwsers.

  1. It work with others fonts like DejaVu. (not as good as Segoe, love this font !)
    So it’s a bug that doesn’t work whit Segoe UI => ok

  2. I delete some fonts with “wet effect” on it, and it load so much quickly.
    On photoshop, I don’t have slowness issue with theses fonts, but ok.

  3. The compile to word works with nbsp.
    When I copy/paste Word to Scrivener, the nbsp is still here.
    so it’s a bug with Scrivener at copy.

Hi MattClayne,

Issues 1 and 3 have been filed.

For your fonts issue, could you give me an example font that seems to be causing this slowdown? And does the slowdown occur just with one of them or did it require a large group of them to cause the issue?

Thanks for your help with this.