[LH3477] Beta 14: Dark Color Theme and Page View Mode Oddity

I am 99.44% certain this is operator error… but will toss it out in case anyone else runs into this.

Win 10 Home x64 Version 1803 Build 17134.228
Version: Beta (476684) 64-bit - 20 Feb 2019

I am using the NaNoWriMo template from November.

Whilst experimenting with Page View mode, I noticed the experimental dark theme. Activated the dark side :smiley: and restarted Scrivener as prompted.

I attempted to deactivate Page View Mode from View > Text Editing > Page View… and found Page View had become UNchecked in the list, though the mode persisted.

When I clicked Page View Mode and then de-selected, Scrivener returned to standard view.

I haven’t been able to duplicate it, which is why I assume I did something that created the issue… anyone else run into this?

Thanks for posting this! I believe I have found the problem and have filed the bug.

It is unrelated to Dark Mode. It is simply an error that causes Page View to become unchecked if Scrivener is closed while it’s engaged in the active editor. When you open the program again you’ll need to click twice to turn it off.

Thanks for the catch!