[LH3483] Deleting files from trash causes beta 10 to crash

Following from yesterdays post about the “Rebuilding search indexes” https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/rebuilding-search-indexes-please-wait-stuck-at-36/43472/1 , I’ve done a clean installation of beta 10 on another Windows machine and tried again to open the project.

While deleting the first two pdfs from the trash folder individually seemed to work as expected, as soon as I selected 3 files together to delete Scrivener promptly closes . Attempting to reopen id gives the message that “this project is already open in another location…”. Making a copy of the project and repeating the process causes the same issue again.

Any ideas about this? Or my previous post?

When you open a project in Scrivener a “user.lock” file is created, and as long as it is there it will put up the alert to prevent it being open on two computers at the same time, as that would cause havoc. When you close the project normally, the “user.lock” is deleted.

And there’s your problem. Because your computer crashed, the “user.lock” was not deleted, and so Scrivener thinks it’s open on another machine. But the solution is straightforward for such cases: open the project.scriv folder with Windows Explorer, find the “user.lock” and delete it. Don’t mess about with anything else in the .scriv folder. Your project should open normally.



Thanks for the reply. Yes, deleting the user lock does get me over the error message about the file being open somewhere else - know I just need to find out why it is crashing in the first place :slight_smile:

Any three files, or just those three?

It seems to be anything more than one file at a time - fingers crossed whatever was causing it will be fixed in beta 11 .

If you upload your project containing only the Trash documents, which cause the crash, I am happy to look at it and investigate the issue Lujiaw