[LH3484] Can't drag Bookmarks into a new Collection

Hi - Sorry, I was about to report this for Beta 10, but then Beta 11 was released, same anomaly.

We’re at least sometimes unable to drag Bookmarks into the body of a new, empty Collection. To test in the Tutorial, try dragging some Binder items to Project References, and from there into the existing Collection, “What’s New in Scrivener 3.” The items should copy over without difficulty.

Now create a new collection with the + control. If your Scrivener beta behaves like mine, items you drag into the body of the new collection will not be recognized.

Two ways to work around this oddity. First, we can “prime” the collection by adding an item via Documents > Add to Collection. Once the new collection has its first item, we can add to it by dragging from Bookmarks. The other workaround is to drag items onto the tab of the collection we’d like to populate, rather than into its body. Perfectly acceptable option, if you know about it.

I’ve experienced similar behavior after deleting all items in a collection. In that case, sometimes bookmarks can be dragged in, sometimes not. But with a new collection, drags into the body reliably fail to take.

Rgds - Jerome

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