[LH3495]: Hitting 'enter' does nothing when text is selected (Beta 15).

Discovered this issue in Revision Mode, but it seems to occur in normal mode too.

Previously when selecting text and hitting the ‘enter’ key, the selected text would be deleted and the following text (if any) would be moved to a new paragraph – I think this counts as expected behaviour? In Beta 15, hitting ‘enter’ while text is selected has no effect at all (though, in Revision Mode, the selected text does change to its revision colour as though it had been acted on).

Deleting selected text using the ‘backspace’ or ‘delete’ keys works perfectly, as do keyboard shortcuts for formatting (bold, italics, etc). As far as I can see, this only occurs with ‘enter’.

Confirmed, and definitely a change in behavior from Beta 14.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks! This has been filed.