[LH3513] Arrange by Label Corkboard Scrolls Back to the Beginning

I find arrange by label useful when outlining as I can get an immediate sense of how many chapters of each label I have and how they’re distributed across the text. However, when trying to use that view to create new folders or re-arrange old ones, the corkboard horizontally scrolls to the left. It is perfectly fine to work with, but I find it would be way more smooth and seamless if I could actually move around my chapters between labels and position without having to scroll back for quite a while as the project has grown to be quite big.

Thanks in advance.

There is a function available on the Mac version that is not yet implemented in the Windows version. This is the “Arrange by Labels > Layout” menu option that allows three different layouts when using Arrange by Labels.

If after this is implemented you find it still does not meet your needs please submit a post to the “Wishlist” forum.


I haven’t used the mac version, so I might be completely off base, but what I’m talking about seems less like an unimplemented feature and more like a bug. When you change the label using the lower bar menu or by dragging and dropping WITHOUT changing position, the screen stays still and it seems seamless. However, if when dragging you change the position of the card, it resets the scrollbar back to the beginning. This is not the behaviour when not using “arrange by label”, where you can rearrange the cards without having the scroll snap back to the beginner position.

This seems like a bug, specially since doing the same thing in two different screens has two different results and one seems clearly superior.

My apologies for misunderstanding!

I have filed this as a new ticket. Thanks!

I’m having exactly the same problem.