[LH3523] Application crashing when dragging a text file to editor


Just downloaded 3.0 Beta and playing with the settings. I’m running into an issue where the application crashes while navigating around the editors.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Open app. Change layout to dual navigation.
  2. Go to View/Editor Layout/ Switch Editor (I like the reference docs to stay near my binder).
  3. I drag one of my documents to the header.

APP crashes.

Now, this worked initially when I first installed the app an hour earlier. It crashes every time now. I have rebooted my computer and the problem persists. Split windows are fine. Clicking a text file to appear on a 2nd window is fine. It’s the dragging that crashes.

Thanks, this has been filed.

It looks like the issue was with dragging a document over the empty copyholder. This should be fixed in the next beta.

Thanks for your help!