[LH3535] Compile - Page Numbers, Cover Art, TABs, etc...

I can’t seem to get page numbers to work. I am trying to compile a collection of poems on statement sized paper to PDF. At one point I saw page numbers but once I edited them, they disappeared and I can’t get them back. Believe me I’ve tried just about every combination I can think of and even added extra big margins but still no headers and footers. I have also tried this with other documents. Wish I could figure out why I saw them at first and then they vanished. :frowning: OH but when I compile to Doc file it works.?

I also can’t seem to get any cover art (image file) included in my compile such as your ebook example shows.

And lastly, is there a way to remove tabs in the compile formats? The pop-up shows only Add and Set but seems to be missing delete. I can’t access the regular tabs menu from here to manage these.
5-20-2019 10-51-02 AM.png

And speaking of tabs, I have a table of contents that won’t preserve the right tab when creating a PDF - the page number always shows up on a new line.


There are several issues here but I’ll try to address each in turn.

  1. There is currently a bug causing headers and footers not to appear in PDF compiles.

  2. Cover Art should be accessible by clicking on the icon in the right pane of the Compile window. It only appears when compiling to an ebook (.epub or .mobi formats)

  3. You can remove tabs from that pane by simply dragging them off the bar with your mouse.

  4. Can you give a bit more information? Without knowing how your TOC is set up I’m afraid I won’t be much help.