[LH3539] : Position of the cursor is expected to be preserved between sessions, bit it's not

When I open a project, I expect that cursor is at the same position as where it was when the project was closed. It seems to work as expected if a separate document is selected in the Binder on closing.

If what was selected on closing was a Folder or the whole Draft, the project opens at the end of the previously selected Folder (or Draft)—even if the cursor was placed at the beginning of the folder’s first document on closing.

Cnn confirm. If I’m in Scrivenings mode, viewing an entire chapter and have the cursor placed in the document, then exit, it won’t be in that place in the document when I open it up again. The cursor doesn’t show up on me until I click a document.

Thanks. This has been filed.

Still there in B17.

The bug is certainly not crucial, but its presence is getting sad as the beta is coming to be (or, rather, has already been) almost perfect IDE for writing (and arrranging research matters). It would possibly be wise to make this (writing) block of the program flawless asap, and then focus on the next stages, such as compiling and export.

To me it seems as if the cursor remains in place. But the file opens at a random place.
I understand that instead it should open at the place, where I left it .As does Scrivener 1.9.
So this is clrealy abug. or not?

This is definitely a bug, which was filed as such last April.

It should be noted, though, that the problem only arises if a Folder selected in Binder, that is in Scrivenings mode. If a single document is selected, you are expected to find your cursor where it was left. )