[LH3540] Contextual Menu Bug

Annotation 2019-04-07 110947.png

As you can see in this screenshot, There are two options with an “S” shortcut. This means that you can never access the Status option. Beyond that, a lot of the other shortcuts don’t make much sense either. For example, why is “Open” using “p” for its shortcut, when “o” isn’t even being used?

Anyway, thanks for the great work, and I’m absolutely loving the dynamic word and char count that’s been integrated into this menu too!

Confirming the behavior. Although, when I access the menu, “Open” has an “O”. In the picture shown, “L” is used three times. I do not see that in my copy, which seems strange to me. And, in mine, “S” is also used for Show as Binder Separator, so it’s used three times in my own context menu.

Thanks. This has been filed.