[LH3545] When both editors have same scrivenings view, deleting content in one causes other to change position

I sometimes will show the same large number of consecutive files in Scrivenings view in both left and right editors. This enables me to quickly move content around within that set of files. I’m not moving entire files. Rather, I will delete some content, perhaps a paragraph, from a file in one editor to paste it into a different file in the other editor.

Example: I have selected enough files in the binder for the Scrivenings view to cover more than one screenful of text, so that the vertical scroll bars are visible in both editors for scrolling through the content. I am displaying the same set of files in Scrivenings view in both editors. If the left editor is near the top of the content in the Scrivenings view, and the right editor is near the bottom, and I delete a chunk of content from the left editor, the view of the right editor changes to show approximately the same content area as the left editor.

The cursor location in the right editor does not change, so if I activate the right editor by clicking in its vertical scroll bar, then press the down or up arrow key, it moves the content in the right editor back to the bottom of the view.

I use the phrase “chunk of content” because I haven’t figured out exactly how much content I have to delete to make this happen. A few words don’t make it happen; almost a full line does. I’m not sure it’s always consistent in how much content I have to delete to cause this to happen.

Thanks. This has been filed.